16, 20, 32 or 64 playing fields, control your game, Bingo as option


Stand alone or wall mounted


Fully customisable look & winning ratio


Plug & Play fully digital system


Game design software included

The world’s first fully digital multi-game wheel

The world’s first fully digital multi-game wheel


Following the classic look of the Wheel of Fortune or so called Money Wheel, we designed a new digital multi-game wheel – The Lucky Wheel! Fully digital, outstanding design, best build materials, cutting edge technology, made to be unique for every single operator. Different Push & Play button options such as self standing, integrated with wheel or desk mounted. You decide!


This unique approach allows to it’s operator unlimited possibilities such as complete control of wins, change of pre-installed icon packs, number of playing fields (16, 20, 32 and 64 symbols), speed and duration of spinning, winning cursor shape, appearance… If your market prefer to play Bingo game, we integrated such option into our platform as well. It’s efficient, it’s easy and it’s pure fun! Central placed display is also fully programmable and offers personalization options and can be used also as part of the game (bonus, extra spin, jackpot, etc.). To upload new game and replace pre-loaded is so easy. It will take few seconds of your time. Just take your USB key with game content and plug it into the Lucky Wheel. Wait for voice signal and you can play. Good luck!!!


The Lucky Wheel can be used for variety of interactive games and promotions in Casinos, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Game Rooms and many more.


To change classic mechanical games takes effort, time and money. It also requests qualified stuff to do it. To run a Lucky Wheel takes a person with “common sense” attitude and basic computer skills.

You are fully independent, do not need extra payable support and you can change games on daily basis to entertain your guests the way they prefer.